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10 reference books to boost your journalism classroom library

It’s back-to-school time, and after a year of virtual and hybrid learning, students and teachers are clamoring to get back to something tangible. Since two class years of students may be entering the journalism classroom for the first time, JEA recommends the following books and resources as curriculum supplements, independent study and valuable on-hand references.…
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JEA provides library of educational resources from past NSMC prompts

The Journalism Education Association continues to support teachers as they work to provide continuity of learning during the COVID-19 crisis. In addition to its members-only curriculum, the organization has released a repository of materials available to anyone working to develop journalism-related activities students can access from home. The National Student Media Contests (formerly Write-off Contests)…
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Applications now open for 2019 Curriculum Initiative positions

The JEA Curriculum Initiative is heading into its next cycle as a valuable member resource to meet teachers’ classroom needs through robust curriculum. Applications are now open for those interested in becoming curriculum leaders. Click here to apply. What’s next For the 2019-2020 curriculum cycle, we will continue to focus on differentiation and updating examples…
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Applications now open for 2018 Curriculum Initiative positions

A few changes For the 2018 curriculum cycle, we are stepping away from content creation to spend a year focusing on revision and usability of the curriculum. We currently have hundreds of lessons and more content than an educator could possibly teach in a year. The next iteration of curriculum leaders will help us refine…
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Lesson plan: Lead writing

In this lesson, students will learn to write news article leads from three different perspectives.

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