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Are you a new teacher and/or adviser or just new to journalism? Are you feeling a little overwhelmed by all of the curriculum options available on the JEA website and just don’t know where to start? Are you trying to figure out a cohesive overall plan for your classes that adheres to a variety of national and/or state standards?

We can help. JEA is excited to launch one-on-one virtual curriculum consultation sessions for teachers and advisers just like you.

A member from our team of curriculum experts will work with you during a series of virtual meetings to answer questions, provide feedback and create individualized plans for you to implement in your classroom. They’ll strive to incorporate specific lessons from the JEA curriculum site as well as to help you cater those lessons to your specific needs.

Consultations are just $150 for three sessions, and spaces are limited. Take advantage of this great opportunity by signing up today.

How it works

Step 1: Sign up*

The Journalism Education Association curriculum specialist will
connect each adviser with the most relevant curriculum expert available. Consultations consist of three virtual meetings over the course of several weeks between the adviser and their expert.

Step 2: Enjoy three consultation sessions

SESSION 1: Meet one-on-one with your curriculum expert via Zoom, phone, etc., to discuss your needs. You’ll get a few short-term suggestions and some general guidance on how to proceed.

SESSION 2: Reconvene with your expert to discuss your plan in more detail. The expert will share documentation with specific ideas. Most notably, the expert can include links to relevant lessons on the JEA curriculum website.

SESSION 3: Ask questions and get clarification regarding the suggestions from Session 2.

Step 3: Teach with confidence

Apply these JEA curriculum lessons in your classroom and have
a better understanding of how better to use JEA resources.

*Consultations are available only for JEA members. Join today.

On-site consultations at national conventions

JEA is offering 30-minute curriculum consultations at the JEA/NSPA National High School Journalism Convention for $25.

Members will meet one-on-one with curriculum specialists to learn how to best utilize JEA curriculum in their own schools.

Curriculum consultations are offered Thursday, April 4 and Friday, April 5 at the spring convention in Kansas City. Space is limited.


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