JEA certification is a formal, academic certification to help scholastic media teachers and advisers demonstrate professional excellence in the field. Candidates can earn Certified Journalism Educator designation, known as CJE, to prove their status as highly qualified. Because many states have no formal journalism license or certificate, and because requirements differ widely by location, JEA certification provides a global standard for the industry with an exam created by and for scholastic journalism educators. The test is designed to measure "Do you know it?" across all essential areas of journalism, and those who pass earn professional recognition (along with a certificate and recognition at a national awards luncheon) to share with administrators, students, parents and stakeholders. The certification is valid for up to five years, as long as JEA membership is active, with the option to renew as needed.

In addition, those seeking the highest professional designation can earn Master Journalism Educator status after obtaining their CJE. The Master Journalism Educator certification, known as MJE, demonstrates the candidate's lifelong commitment to learning and places the teacher-adviser in the elite among the profession. To earn MJE status, candidates must pass an exam and complete an independent project while working under the guidance of the Certification Committee chair. The project is designed to be a meaningful experience for candidates by which they plan and execute something of interest to their professional growth; the deliverable is a product shared with the greater scholastic journalism education community as a benefit to other JEA members.

Certified Journalism Educators

The Journalism Education Association wants its CJE to be an effective way for you to demonstrate your knowledge of the basics in journalism and media advising. We want you to be able to speak to multiple aspects of this career, including journalistic writing and editing, graphics and design, legal and ethical considerations as an educator in a school journalism setting. Your knowledge of the teaching/advising aspects of scholastic journalism is the emphasis of this designation.

Master Journalism Educators

After reaching Certified Journalism Educator status and teaching/advising for five years, an individual may apply for Master Journalism Educator.

The purpose of the Master Journalism Educator exam is to determine if the applicant has the ability to help other journalism educators, to advise students working on a specific project, to design or adapt journalism programs to meet specific needs and to serve as a spokesperson representing journalism teachers/advisers on the local, state and national levels. The pre-approved project, paper or teaching unit is to show how this journalism expertise is demonstrated.

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