Supporting journalism teachers and student media advisers — anywhere

In the 21st-century classroom, many journalism skills remain the same, but the conditions under which advisers teach and guide their students continue to evolve. With the ongoing demands of planning instruction and assessment — possibly through distance learning or hybrid models, coaching students through production and reimagining scholastic publications, advisers’ plates are full. JEA continues to develop new resources to help teachers anywhere they are with anything they need.

How to use these resources

These turnkey materials are designed for immediate use in any scholastic media program for view-only access with the links provided. These can be added to course modules for distance learning on platforms like Google Classroom, Canvas or Schoology or can be added to a digital staff manual.

At the same time, teachers may want to modify elements to match the specific needs or practices of their program, school or situation. Resources here are customizable by choosing File> Make a copy and saving to a personal Google account for editing.

The resources linked below are available to anyone. JEA also offers a complete, dynamic journalism curriculum for its members available here and in the summer of 2020 added lessons and videos outside the member portal to support the scholastic journalism community teaching and advising in a pandemic.


A guide to conducting interviews remotely

Learning from the pros: Visits and videos

NHSJC student accountability: Learning log

NHSJC student accountability: First five convention takeaway lesson

Session sharing

Finding diverse sources

10 ways to recharge your staff

Using free graphics and illustrations

Reading for professional development

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