C:JET Latest Issue

Fall 2021

Distributed early September to JEA members.

Cover photo by Mollie Gallagher of Van Alstyne (Texas) High School.

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Writing: Headlines help tell the story, by Joe Humphrey, MJE, and Shari Adwers, MJE
Writing: Heads up: Suggestions for writing headlines in any medium, by Griff Singer
Writing: The 9 secrets of writing irresistible headline (used by the biggest blogs), by Daren Low,
Team Building: Spread the love
Art: A reflection on herd on the street, by Bradley Wilson, MJE
Writing: Beyond the inverted pyramid, by Pam Escobar
Writing: It starts with a story, by Charles Erikson, CJE
Law and Ethics: Scholastic Journalism Law: A new case, by Tom Eveslage, MJE
Writing: Things native English speakers know, but don’t know we know

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