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Covering the unimaginable: Taking a multi-angle approach to involve and influence readers

This article is part of a series from a 1999 edition of Communication: Journalism Education Today. Also in this series: Policies help ensure unbiased coverage for newspaper and yearbooks Establishing a rapport with law-enforcement agencies facilitates gathering information The role of student publications depends on healing process DOWNLOAD PDF version of entire document By Linda…
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Evaluating Photographs

How can you put a letter or a number on something so fleeting as the content of a photograph? This article originally appeared in the summer 1999 edition of Communication: Journalism Education Today. by Jack Zibluk, assistant professor, Arkansas State University Diane Arbus is famous for her disturbing photographs of everyday life and characters on…
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Type Was Originally Designed to be Read With Ease

The summer of 1998 issue of C:JET featured a series of articles on typography, including a feature by Laura Schaub and instructional materials, including a collection of exercises BY LAURA SCHAUB We’ve crunched it, stretched it, smooshed it and whooshed it. We’ve trampled it, filled it, curved it and twisted it. We’ve shattered it, splattered…
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