Hilburn to receive JEA Future Administrator Scholarship

Hilburn to receive JEA Future Administrator Scholarship

By Erinn Harris, MJE, awards chair

Mark Hilburn, MJE, receives JEA’s 2021 Future Administrator Scholarship.

The Journalism Education Association has awarded Mark Hilburn, MJE, of Millard West High School in Omaha, Nebraska, the Future Administrator Scholarship.

This $1,500 scholarship is for current advisers who intend to earn a secondary administrator’s license and seek a position in administration.

A jack-of-all-journalistic-trades, Hilburn advises newspaper, broadcast, yearbook and live-streaming, and will continue to be a fervent supporter of scholastic journalism as an administrator.

“Even when I become an administrator, I still want to be involved in scholastic journalism as a judge, as an adjunct professor and as a consumer and promoter of student work,” Hilburn said.

In addition to advising, Hilburn is in his final year of coursework at the University of Nebraska, where he plans to graduate with a doctoral degree in educational leadership. 

“When I think of a person who will be a leader in his community, I think of Mark,” said Jennifer Allen, Ed.D., assistant principal at Millard West. “He wants to be an example of how to work with all in the community, and he is genuine and ethical in his leadership.”

A successful scholastic media program requires a trusting relationship with administrators. When Hilburn makes the transition from newsroom to administration, his commitment to the First Amendment and supporting his students in their journalistic endeavors will benefit his school community and scholastic journalism at large. 

“I want to be a leader for a journalism adviser like my principal is for me,” Hilburn said. “Someone who is helpful and trustworthy, and someone who really understands the hard working and sacrifices journalism teachers make with their time and energy.”

Hilburn will be recognized in a video presentation April 10; as part of the Spring JEA/NSPA National High School Journalism Convention.

Founded in 1924, JEA supports free and responsible scholastic journalism by providing resources and educational opportunities, promoting professionalism, encouraging and rewarding student excellence and teacher achievement, and an atmosphere which encompasses diversity yet builds unity. It is headquartered at Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas.

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