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Certification committee needs new members

The Certification Committee is seeking two new secondary education members. JEA certification is a formal, academic certification to help scholastic media teachers and advisers demonstrate professional excellence in the field. The nine-person committee is made up of Master Journalism Educators to help guide the certification process. Committee members serve two academic years with the option…
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Agenda for April 4, 2024, board of directors meeting

Agenda Journalism Education Association Board Meeting April 4, 2024 – 8 a.m., Kansas City Sheraton in Empire B (Luncheon in Empire C) I. Call to order – Val Kibler, MJE II. Roll call and determination of quorum – Cindy Horchem, CJE III. Reading of Notice of Meeting – Horchem IV. Approval of minutes – Kibler…
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Agenda for the April 5 general membership meeting

Agenda JEA GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING AGENDA April 5, 2024 – 8 a.m., Kansas City Sheraton Ballroom Level, Chicago C I. Call to order – Val Kibler, MJE II. Roll call – Lindsay Porter, CJE III. Approval of minutes – Kibler IV. Reports A. Summary of board action – KiblerB. JEA Operations – Veronica PurvisC. Financial…
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Spring 2024 semiannual report

JEA’s semiannual report contains updates from staff, board members, committee chairs, state directors and liaisons. JEA headquarters Executive Director – Veronica Purvis, MSM, CAE Happy birthday JEA! This is a time of reflection and planning as our centennial committee has created fun and meaningful ways to commemorate this anniversary. We hope you participate in the…
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JEA announces 2024 election results

JEA board of directors elections took place Feb. 19-26, 2024. Of the 2,442 total ballots successfully emailed, 308 members voted. Scholastic press rights director Andrea Negri, MJE, of Bellaire (Texas) High School, has been elected as the scholastic press rights director and will serve on the JEA board for two years starting May 1. Negri…
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