Spring 2021 NSMC critique videos

Writing contests

01. Newswriting

02. Editorial Writing

03. Feature Writing

04. Sports Writing

05. Review Writing

06. Editorial Cartooning

07. Commentary Writing

News Layout Contests

09. Newspaper Layout

10. Newsmagazine Layout

Press Law and Ethics Contest

11. Press Law and Ethics

Yearbook Contests

12. Yearbook Copy Caption: Sports

13. Yearbook Copy Caption: Academics

14. Yearbook Copy Caption: Clubs

15. Yearbook Copy Caption: Student Life

16. Yearbook Layout: Theme

17. Yearbook Layout: Inside Pages

18. Yearbook Cover/Endsheets

Literary Magazine Contests

19. Literary Magazine: Layout

20. Literary Magazine: Poetry

21. Literary Magazine: Illustration

22. Literary Magazine: Photography

Graphic Design Contests

23. Graphic Design: Logo

24. Graphic Design: Infographics

25. Graphic Design: Advertising

26. Graphic Design: Photo Illustration

Photography Contests

All photo contests share one critique video

27. Themed Photo 
28. Sports Action Photography 
29. Sports Feature Photography 
30. Feature Photography 
31. General or Spot News Photography 
32. Photo Story 
33. Portfolio
34. Portrait Photo 
35. First-Year Photo 

Broadcast Contests

36. Broadcast News Story 

37. Broadcast Sports Story 

38. Broadcast Feature Story 

39. Broadcast Commercial/PSA 

40. Videography 

41. Short Documentary 

42. Video Package Editing

43. Online News Package 

45. Broadcast Newswriting 

46. Broadcast Package 


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