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Write-off contest results, spring 2005 (Seattle)

1,808 entrants 577 winners (32%) in 48 contests 85 superiors (15%) 193 excellents (33%) 299 honorable mentions (52%) Newswriting Superior Elise Mullen (Johnston High School, IA) Superior Emma Drew (Casa Grande High School, CA) Superior Jordan Drost (Ferndale High School, WA) Superior Angela Nguyen (Willow Glen High School, CA) Superior Anne Kleinsasser (Bakersfield High School,…
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Libby Nelson named 2005 Student Journalist of the Year

RELEASED APRIL 2005 Libby Nelson Shawnee Mission East High School Prairie Village, Kansas According to her adviser, Libby Nelson leads a staff of 43 to produce a paper every two weeks. Her efforts as a writer have earned her a national Federation for Women Press Award for feature writing, and she also won second place…
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Nichols named 2004 National Yearbook Adviser of the Year

The Journalism Education Association named Casey Nichols, yearbook adviser at Rocklin High School in Rocklin, Calif., the National Yearbook Adviser of the Year for 2004. In a special ceremony at Rocklin High School, H. L. Hall, JEA’s past president, and Linda Puntney, JEA’s executive director, praised Nichols for his work at Rocklin High School and…
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C:JET Volume 37, 2003-2004

Fall 2003, Vol. 37, #1 Click here to purchase the Fall 2003, Vol. 37, #1 issue of the JEA magazine SOLD OUT Covering Crime “Do Your Homework; Know the People and the Rules; Double Check Everything ” by Ted Gest “Gaining Access to Scenes” from the Student Press Law Center “Journalist Ethnics ” by David…
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Write-off contest results, fall 2004 (Atlanta)

1,446 entrants 481 winners (33%) in 47 contests 77 superiors (16%) 129 excellents (27%) 275 honorable mentions (57%) NEWSWRITING Superior Robyn Boothby (Bear Creek High School, CA) Superior Kristen Dreisig (Lakota East High School, OH) Superior Sara Fay (Torrey Pines High School, CA) Superior Kimberly Hagan (Henry W Grady High School, GA) Excellent Caroline Davis…
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