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Write-off contest results, spring 2008 (Anaheim)

1,869 participants 714 award recipients (38%) 116 Superiors (16%) 241 Excellents (34%) 357 Honorable Mentions (50%) Contest Award Name School Newswriting Superior Alex Dubin Beverly Hills High School CA Newswriting Superior Wes Duplantier Palo Alto High School CA Newswriting Superior Manisha Goud Palos Verdes Peninsula High School CA Newswriting Superior Rory Linnane Shorewood High School…
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Alex Benito earns journalist of the year recognition

Sixth Texan, first sibling of previous recipient, given JEA scholarship By Lisa Van Etta Adviser, Cypress Falls High School It began two years ago. I sat at my desk, cursing the scientific world for its failure to have perfected the human cloning mystery. I desperately wanted, no needed or so I thought, to clone Marcelino…
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Dorothy Gilliam and Prime Movers program honored with the JEA Diversity Award

Dorothy Gilliam and Prime Movers program honored with the JEA Diversity Award Diversity Award Press Release The Journalism Education Association will honor Dorothy Gilliam and the Prime Movers program of the School of Media and Public Affairs of George Washington University with the Diversity Award on April 19 at the spring JEA/NSPA National High School…
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Traveling to a National Convention

Why Conventions Matter Are you running into some obstacles at your school regarding convention travel? We know that field trip restrictions are tighter than ever, and we’re here to help. Download this PDF to share with your administrators as you seek travel approval. This one-page document promotes the benefits of JEA/NSPA national conventions and might…
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C:JET Volume 40, 2006-2007

Fall 2006, Vol. 40, #1 Click here to purchase the Fall 2006, Vol. 40, #1 issue of the JEA magazine “Sustained Silent Reading ” by Steve Gardiner with books for the journalism classroom by Anne Whitt, Kathy Craghead and Howard Spanogle Business Journalism “Follow the Money: Finding Financial Story Ideas that are of Interest to…
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