Board Meeting Minutes — Anaheim 2019

Board Meeting Minutes — Anaheim 2019

Journalism Education Association Board Meeting Minutes
April 25, 2019 • 8 a.m. • El Capitan, Fourth Floor • Hilton Anaheim

Approved, with corrections, Nov. 21, 2019.

A meeting of the Journalism Education Association board of directors took place April 25, 2019, in the El Capitan room of the Hilton Anaheim. It began at 8 a.m. and was presided over by Sarah Nichols with Connie Fulkerson as secretary.

Voting members: Sarah Nichols, president; Val Kibler, vice president; Megan Fromm, Educational Initiatives director; Lori Keekley, Scholastic Press Rights director; Laura Negri, director-at-large; Mike Malcom-Bjorklund, director-at-large; Julia Satterthwaite, director-at-large.

Nonvoting members:
Standing Committees: Karen Slusher, awards chair; Kim Green, certification chair; Nancy Y. Smith, contest chair; Evelyn Lauer, publications/public relations chair.
Special Committees: Nina Quintana, Career and Technical Education chair; Patrick Johnson, mentoring program chair.
Editor: Bradley Wilson, C:JET editor.
Staff: Kelly Glasscock, executive director; Connie Fulkerson, administrative assistant.
Others: Priscilla Frost, April van Buren, contest committee members.

The following was posted on on March 25, 2019: The Journalism Education Association board of directors will meet at 8 a.m. April 25, 2019, in the El Capitan room of the Hilton Anaheim.

A motion to accept the minutes, with corrections, of the fall 2018 board meeting in Chicago was made by Lori Keekley and seconded by Megan Fromm. (passed 7-0)

Sarah Nichols affirmed these electronic votes:
— Motion to endorse New Voices Texas (passed 7-0, March 27, 2019).
— Motion to endorse New York Assembly Bill 3079 (passed 7-0, March 6, 2019).
— Motion to endorse Minnesota HF 1868 (passed 7-0, March 2, 2019).
— Motion to endorse Nebraska LB 206 (passed 7-0, Feb. 6, 2019).
— Motion to approve spring 2024 Kansas City convention contract (passed 7-0, Dec. 28, 2018).
— Motion to approve spring 2021 Seattle convention contract (passed 7-0, Dec. 17, 2018).

Added Kim Green, certification, to reports section; removed press rights education in new business; added approval of 990 in new business. A motion to approve the agenda with changes was made by Julia Satterthwaite and seconded by Laura Negri. (approved 7-0)

The following individuals or groups were commended by board members or committee chairs:
* Adam Dawkins, CJE, for enhancing the profile of JEA and increasing engagement in Scholastic Journalism Week — Evelyn Lauer, MJE
* Patrick Johnson, MJE, for excellent leadership throughout JEA’s mentor program expansion — Julia Satterthwaite, CJE
* Mark Webber for excellence with the Podcasting on a Budget series for JEA Digital Media — Aaron Manfull, MJE
* Laurie Hansen, MJE, for outstanding service and leadership to JEA as Minnesota state director — Sarah Nichols, MJE
* Howard Spanogle for 21 years of outstanding leadership with Communication: Journalism Education Today magazine — Sarah Nichols, MJE
* Kyle Carter, CJE; Megan Fromm, MJE; Lori Keekley, MJE; Rebecca Pollard, MJE; Margie Raper, MJE; Chris Waugaman, MJE; and Brian Wilson, MJE, for sharing expertise as instructors in virtual training workshop pilot — Val Kibler, MJE
* Kelly Glasscock, CJE, and Laura Widmer for their outstanding collaboration on site visits and contract negotiations for the National High School Journalism Convention — Sarah Nichols, MJE

Write-offs — Nancy Smith
Quiz Bowl – There were a few changes for Anaheim with Allie Staub as organizer for this event. Certificates will be presented to finalists; the trophy will be given out at the awards ceremony if the winners are present; all participants will have Quiz Bowl ribbons for name badges; the qualifying test will be given electronically.

Write-off entries average 32 percent of convention attendees but it was 34 percent for Anaheim; logo and advertising contest will be partnering with Constitution Day to come up with the designs. In the fall, partnering with Scholastic Journalism Week for these contests was a success.

Kate Dubiel will oversee beta testing for the new system Saturday; the Write-off team will be meeting in Kansas City this summer to do additional testing. A session on how to enter the Write-offs in Washington, D.C., and at the Advisers Institute as well as a how-to video might help. This could also go on social media.

Certification – Kim Green
Since the fall convention, has been testing at Southern Interscholastic Press Association, four tested, and at Kent State University, one tested. In Anaheim, 19 will test and next month at the Garden State Scholastic Press Association in New Jersey, 13 will take the exam. Caren Demyem organized the GSSPA event. Future testing will be done at Ball State University, at a Walsworth workshop in Kansas City, Camp Orlando and the Advisers Institute. Amy Sorrell is new committee member replacing Lizabeth Walsh. Yellow Chair would like to see certification for mentors, which is a measurable response. Non-teacher associate members who earn CJE Option C can earn an MJE if their projects are not company-based.

Conventions — Kelly Glasscock
Anaheim – There were 3,500 registered as of last Friday, which was the same as the convention algorithm predicted. For this hotel, there are savings over Chicago on prices for electrical, internet and union charges. AV company Turning Point worked with JEA to see what the K-State students could do to help reduce AV labor costs.

Dates for fall 2022 and spring 2023 conventions are still open. The executive directors are considering contracts for San Francisco for spring 2023. Waiting to hear if multi-year or multi-property contract would help lower costs since the room rates are expensive there. St. Louis is a possibility for Nov. 8-13, 2022, with multiple hotels and most activities in the convention center.

Headquarters — Kelly Glasscock
JEA’s part-time bookkeeper left and there was difficulty finding a replacement with an accounting background. That job opening was closed for lack of interest so Glasscock explored using an accounting firm for those tasks. By using PGH accounting firm since February, the bookkeeping system has been updated so it is all now electronic. Invoices and receipts are put directly into QuickBooks, which are better for auditing and easier for Glasscock to approve and categorize. This has turned out to be much less expensive than a part-time employee for accounting; however, he still wants to hire a part-time person for general office work. This job search will open after the convention. In the fall, JEA will open a search for an associate director who will start work after Connie Fulkerson retires in spring 2020. The start date may be mid-summer. Search will be done early enough so the new hire could come to convention in Nashville.

The Write-off committee will have a retreat June 28 with the goal to fully vet the new Write-off system for Washington, D.C.

Finances – Glasscock updated the Statement of Activity, which showed a net revenue this week with a loss of $197,372, although this number changes on a daily basis and reflected a large investment downturn in the last quarter.

The 990 form will show a year-end loss of $20,852, which is better than the projection of a $43,700 loss.

Career and Technical Education — Nina Quintana
At Chicago, 20 took certification exams: nine took Precision exams and 11 took Certiport exams. In Anaheim, seven will take the Precision exam and 20 the Certiport exams. Quintana is hoping for 40 testers in the fall. There is a need to promote more for student certification. She is looking into opening more exams in other categories. Putting certification test under the awards section and giving recognition at the awards ceremony may give this more visibility.

There is a new Career and Technical Education section on the JEA website (under For Educators). Laura Negri gave a presentation about the new CTE pages. Plans are to include a testimonial section and program profiles (under the members-only area). Sarah Nichols said CTE is something people are paying more attention to, and it’s really needed. Nichols commended Quintana and Negri for stepping up to create the website. It will be ready to go live May 1. Quintana also is working on networking with Precision and other groups that have CTE connections.

Awards — Karen Slusher
Slusher thanked Jeff Browne of Quill and Scroll for helping with Impact Award this year. The awards committee also worked on updating the awards section of the JEA website. Slusher will go through it again with the committee Saturday. The committee is considering moving the Broadcast Adviser of the Year deadline to March 15 with school recognition in May. Nichols commended Slusher and her committee for the behind-the-scenes work for the awards section of the website.

Curriculum — Megan Fromm
Some lessons in the curriculum are in various transitions but the team is trying to rebuild them as necessary. The revision is not as far along as they hoped; however all the usability goals have been met.

Curriculum committee applications are open until the end of April. There will be individual contracts for committee chairs so we can get willing applicants working in their individual area of expertise. The curriculum leaders are working on a module for coaching on how to use the curriculum better. Updated curriculum maps will be done this year as well.

Patrick Johnson said the changes in the curriculum section have made it much easier for new advisers and for explaining things to mentees. Nichols said there was a person in the Peace Corps who wanted to use the curriculum, and Glasscock made it work with a membership. Kelly Furnas may explore that type of global outreach more.

National Critique Training — Sarah Nichols
National critique training is a project to help teachers become better media judges, and they’ll learn by doing. If advisers know how to critique a publication, they’ll get better at advising. If an organization has better judges, schools will get better critiques. JEA will develop a database of those who have gone through the training to share with organizations who have given endorsements for the program. Endorsements have come from the national, regional and state scholastic press associations. There will be an addition to the JEA website called Critique Training, and it will show advisers they can access the training. It will officially go live May 1. The testing includes a badging component and uses Participate for the online training. JEA is a community on Participate and Nichols and Glasscock are leaders. Mentor training also will be there.

There are 12 videos to accompany the critique training, which will be for new and veteran judges. It teaches how to give good feedback. It’s free for a person to take the training but it does cost $150 for participating organizations to offset the initial expenses. That is not an annual fee. The site will have the links and contacts for each organization. The training takes one to two hours and results will be given in a week or so. It will be valuable for those who do critiques and evaluations for publications, but it is not required for Write-off contest judges at this time. This will be good training for teachers and mentors to learn. The committee doesn’t anticipate a lot of updating but there may be video changes in the future. Val Kibler commended Nichols for her work on this.

Approval of 2019-20 budget — Kelly Glasscock
Glasscock explained some of the new budget items: There will be some depreciation expenses for the computer lab, which will depreciate over four years. JEA is proposing up to $15,000 to help support academic research into scholastic journalism education. Also, JEA will be transitioning headquarters staff for Connie Fulkerson’s retirement and the hiring of a new associate director. Glasscock explained the need to add $2,500 budget for on-site visits for associate director candidates for airfare, one-night lodging. Contests expenses (Line 46) will stay the same.
Lori Keekley moved to approve the 2019-2020 budget, with discussed adjustments. Laura Negri seconded (approved 7-0).

JEA/KSU contract — Sarah Nichols
Sarah Nichols moved the Journalism Education Association approve the contract with Kansas State University as its host institution for 2019-2024. Val Kibler seconded. (approved 7-0)
Kelly Glasscock talked of the support of director of journalism Nikhil Moro since he came on board last year. He continues to “wave JEA’s banner” and Glasscock thanked him for his efforts and for always being supportive. The contact was adjusted to include several job title changes.

Nominations — Sarah Nichols
Nichols appointed Candace Perkins Bowen as nominations chair, and Bowen will work with Kelly Glasscock to develop a slate of candidates. They will set a timeline, and the slate will be formalized at the fall convention. They may explore a different timeline to get more participation. If there are changes in dates or other procedures the board would need to approve, especially if there are bylaw changes.

Magazine — Sarah Nichols
Sarah Nichols moved JEA to change the magazine editor position from a presidential appointment to an executive director appointment, which will be outlined in its bylaws in Article VII, Section 4: Editors. (See updated version below.) Julia Satterthwaite seconded. (7-0)

Article VII: Committees, Liaisons and Editors
Section 4: Editors of JEA’s magazine shall be appointed by and directly responsible to the executive director with approval from the president. Editors serve without term limits and may be removed from the position for cause by the executive director. An editor may step down at any time with a written letter of resignation.

Approval of 990
Julia Satterthwaite moved and Val Kibler seconded to approve Kelly Glasscock to sign and submit JEA’s 990. (approved 7-0)

Laura Negri moved and Mike Malcom Bjorklund seconded to adjourn the meeting at 1:37 p.m. (approved 7-0)

The JEA Power Hour followed at 2 p.m.


The next meeting of the board will be at 8 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 21 at the Marriott Wardman Park in Washington, D.C.

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