2011 board of directors candidate statements

2011 board of directors candidate statements


Linda Drake

Linda Drake, CJE, has advised the yearbook for 30 years and the newspaper for 20 years at Chase County High School in Cottonwood Falls, Kan. Both are award-winning publications. Drake received the Engel Award in 1999 and has been named a distinguished adviser by the Dow Jones Newspaper Fund (2004). She has received the JEA Teacher Inspiration Award in 2007, was named the JEA National Yearbook Adviser of the Year in 2008 and she was awarded the JEA Medal of Merit in 2009. She was inducted into the KSPA Hall of Fame in 2009. In 2010 Drake received the CSPA Gold Key Award and just recently received the NSPA Pioneer Award.  Drake teaches at numerous summer workshops as well as directs the Bethel College Publications Workshop. She served two terms as president of the Kansas Scholastic Press Association, and has continued to serve on the board since 1995. Drake has served on the NSPA Board of Directors since 2006 and currently is JEA secretary.

I believe my experience of 15 years on the Kansas Scholastic Press Association executive board, five years on the National Scholastic Press Association board of directors and two years on the JEA executive board gives me with a good background for a position on the board.  During my 30 years of involvement with scholastic journalism I have focused on working with new advisers, helping them establish the foundation for a strong journalism program. Retention of good teachers is a top priority in keeping scholastic journalism alive. I also spend a great deal of time working with smaller and/or rural schools. Many of these advisers may not have journalism certification but they are working to build successful programs on limited resources. Assuring the survival of scholastic journalism has to be the main goal for JEA during the next few years. I would like to be on the executive board that works to achieve this goal.

Lori Oglesbee

Lori OglesbeeLori Oglesbee, CJE, yearbook adviser at McKinney (Texas) High School, has advised high school publications in three states for 28 years.

JEA named her National Yearbook Adviser of the Year last January. For her work as a mentor to students, Ithaca College Park College of Journalism chose her as an inaugural recipient of the S’Park Media Mentor Award in October. She was named the Texas Journalism Teacher of the Year in 2005 where ILPC awarded her their Edith Fox King Award for contributions to scholastic journalism in Texas. She wrote the yearbook curriculum for the Texas Association of Journalism Educators who awarded her the Texas Trailblazer Award last year.

Currently, she is the curriculum and development chair for JEA and is the past chair of the Southern Interscholastic Press Association. In 1998, she received their Distinguished Service Award.

Her yearbook and newspaper staffs have won Gold Crowns, Pacemakers, Best of Show, All Southern, Gold Stars and numerous other state, regional and national awards. Her students have also won five UIL state championships in journalism events.

Lori set out to be a journalism teacher because of her rich experiences in scholastic journalism in high school.

She met the man of her dreams in the grocery store when a group of moms stopped her to tell her how much they loved the 2007 yearbook. One of the moms had a cute British brother with her, and now Lori has a cute British husband.

So it’s true. Journalism makes dreams come true.

Statement of goals:
As a 10-year member of the board, I want to see JEA develop a strategic plan. With a clear vision, we can allocate funds and support programs that further the causes we deem most important as advocates for scholastic journalism. We must remain effective while managing our finances during challenging economic times. As a member of the executive board, I will make this a priority when planning the budget.

Our biggest challenge is developing and sustaining a viable Internet presence. I believe funding this project should be our number one priority.

JEA’s office and executive staff are the wheels that keep this organization so effective. We must secure their funding and provide funding for further expansion to other needed positions.

As a classroom teacher who travels to our state and national conventions with many students, I understand the hurdles we all face as our jobs change. I promise to be that voice for the classroom teacher and to seek the greatest benefit for our causes and our vision.

As a journalism educator and an American citizen, I value and support the First Amendment and the rights of student journalists. I pledge my support for this right and the responsibility that comes with it.

JEA has provided help, support and inspiration to me for more than 20 years. I want to see it continue as a vibrant beacon for the causes of journalism educators everywhere.

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