2009 board of directors elections

2009 board of directors elections

Linda Drake
Chase County High School, Cottonwood Falls, Kan.

Linda Drake, CJE, has advised the yearbook for 28 years and the newspaper for 18 years at Chase County High School in Cottonwood Falls, Kan., where she has taught for 36 years. Both the newspaper and yearbook are award-winning publications. Drake received the Jackie Engel Award in 1999, was named a Special Recognition Adviser and a Distinguished Adviser by both the Journalism Education Association and the Dow Jones Newspaper Fund, has received the JEA Teacher Inspiration Award and the Medal of Merit Award. Drake was named the 2009 JEA National Yearbook Adviser of the Year. Drake teaches summer workshops, serving as director of the Bethany Publications Workshop. She has served two terms as president of the Kansas Scholastic Press Association, having served on the executive board since 1995. She is a member of the KSPA/Jackie Engel Endowment Foundation Board of Directors. Drake joined the NSPA Board of Directors in October 2006.

Statement of Goals:
I have always been a strong advocate for student journalists and have worked to promote strong scholastic journalism at all levels through my involvement in the Kansas Scholastic Press Association, the National Scholastic Press Association and the Journalism Education Association. As a veteran (old) adviser, I believe that it is essential to provide our new advisers with the support and help necessary for them to succeed.

Coming from a small rural area, I am familiar with the struggles and frustrations that many of the advisers in those areas face. It is essential that these advisers understand the opportunities and support that JEA can provide. I want to continue my support of the goals and mission of JEA whenever and wherever possible.

Aaron Manfull

Aaron Manfull is the media adviser at Francis Howell North High School in St. Charles, Mo. There, he advises the North Star newsmagazine, the Excalibur yearbook, the student website www.FHNtoday.com as well as the program’s North Star podcast. Students on his staffs have earned numerous individual honors ranging from state Journalist of the Year to the national Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Journalism Award. As staffs, his students have also been recognized for their work with nods from Crowns to Gallups. Prior to teaching at FHN, he advised for three years at Newton High School in Newton, Iowa. He serves at the JEA Digital Media Committee Chair. He has taught at numerous summer workshops and spoken at a variety of fall and spring national and regional conferences. He is a National Board Certified teacher.

Statement of Goals:
My buddy Abe once said, “Whatever you are, be a good one.” I strive toward it each day, whether it’s Aaron the husband or father, the teacher or speaker, or simply the video game player or Iowa Hawkeye fan.

It’s a scary, yet exciting time in scholastic journalism. It’s a time when we are working to uphold the traditional standards and integrity of journalism and the First Amendment, while pushing the envelope to teach our students innovative and progressive ways to meet the audience where they are.

It’s great to be a part of an organization that not only talks about supporting scholastic journalism teachers, but also acts on it through the work of dedicated teachers, board members and staff. I can’t even begin to count the number of past and present JEA members who have been there to help me over the years and turn me into the adviser I am
today. JEA is one of those organizations that make its members proud to be a part of it — a feeling I have had for more than 10 years now. I don’t know a better place for an adviser to gain invaluable knowledge and support and as secretary I would work to help JEA further its goals, ranging from working to increase membership and retaining members to helping fight for scholastic press rights and assisting advisers in making the transition to the digital media age.

If elected I will work hard, just as I always do, to be a ‘good one,’ working to give back to all those who have come before and done so much for me and so many others.

Betsy RauBetsy Rau

Betsy Pollard Rau is the former adviser of the award-winning HH Dow High School Update in Midland, Mich.. She retired in 2008 and is now teaching Graphic Design and Writing for the Mass Media at Central Michigan University, and The Business of Scholastic Journalism (an online course) at Michigan State University. She directs the Michigan Interscholastic Press Association high school journalism workshop at MSU and teaches two summer advising courses at MSU in July. Rau received the Lifetime Achievement Award from JEA in St. Louis and was the Wal-Mart Michigan Teacher of the year in 2004.

Statement of Goals:
For the past two years I have served as the Region 6 director for JEA. I came into the position with little knowledge of the work the JEA Board does and was excited to attend Board meetings at the past three conventions and learn so much. The energy that comes from this group is contagious, and it is wonderful to be part of the discussions and decision-making. I wish I had run for a position long ago! As secretary, I feel I could continue to give back to the organization and stay involved in scholastic journalism—something I really want to do now that I am not advising a high school publication. Since I am semi-retired I will also have more time and energy to give to the job, which is why this position interests me. I am hoping to be a part of JEA as it moves to the world of new media and continues to educate advisers and students around the country.

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