Frequently asked questions

The JEA National Student Media Contests (NSMC) will be opened for registration and online entry uploading approximately eight weeks before each convention and will close about three weeks prior to the convention.

The Junior High/Middle School National Media Contest is a spring contest.

Can a student enters more than one contest?

For NSMC: No. Each student may enter just one contest.

For Junior High/Middle School National Media Contest a student may enter more than one contest category, but they may only have one entry per contest category (unless they are part of a team).

I have more newspaper students coming registered for the convention than there are newspaper categories but I want all my students to have the NSMC experience. What should I do?

As long as other staffs from your school won't be filling the slots, your staff members may enter any literary magazine, yearbook, photography, graphic design, law, online news or broadcast category.

What happens if my student doesn't get his/her entry uploaded by the deadline?

Unfortunately, the student will be disqualified.

I can't get the payment processed before the contest deadline. Can I still register my students?

Yes, as long as your students are registered by the contest deadline, payment may come later, either online through the contest system or by mail. Payment must be received by the convention start date.

Make checks payable to
Journalism Education Association
014 Kedzie Hall
828 Mid-Campus Dr. S.
Manhattan, KS 66506

Purchase orders may be emailed to or mailed to the above address.

Do I need to have working emails, usernames and passwords for all my registered students?

Yes. This is particularly crucial for students doing online submissions. You might want to write them down as you register them since this is how they will login to get their photography, broadcast, graphic design and layout critiques.

I can log in to but can't seem to get into the NSMC system. What do I do?

You will have the same username as the JEA members area but a different password for the NSMC system. You may set it up as the same as your member password but the membership and NSMC systems will not automatically work on the same username and password.

Password Reset
Please enter your email address and press [Return] or [Enter]. You will receive a new password via e-mail.

If you don't receive it within a few minutes, please call (785-532-5532) or email us (, and we'll be happy to assist you.