Obituary policy

Approved by the board of directors, Nov. 13, 2021.

In the event of a loss to the scholastic journalism community, JEA will write and publish an obituary or memorial post for any

  • Current elected or appointed board member
  • Past JEA president
  • Staff member who served at least three years
  • Current professional staff member
  • Carl Towley winner

as long as

  • a JEA staff member or officer is made aware of the death within 30 days of the passing
  • no member of the deceased’s family contacts JEA to object.

The obituary of no more than 300 words will include information about the deceased’s birth and death, teaching career, contributions to JEA and impact on the scholastic media community. 

JEA will not request donations or post links to fundraisers or related crowdfunding campaigns on its website. Members or staff choosing to share this type of information may do so using the closed JEAHELP list or using other communication channels.

JEA will link to, forward and/or repost obituary or memorial information on JEAHELP and its social media pages for members, state directors, mentors, board members and liaisons upon request.

In the event a death in the JEA community is made known to officers or staff, the executive director, assistant director and president will determine within 72 hours who among JEA leadership should write the obituary. In the event the president and directors feel unsuited to write the obituary, they may enlist a member of the JEA community.

Any obituary post on and social media will include one photo, which will be sourced from JEA archives, or if necessary, provided by the family of the deceased and credited accordingly.

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