Mentoring Program

Former Mentoring Chair Patrick Johnson, MJE, speaks with other mentors during a training session in 2018

The JEA Mentoring Program matches trained veteran advisers with individuals new to teaching journalism and advising student media to offer support and guidance during their initial years in scholastic journalism education. Through a personal relationship, mentors can share best practices and resources, model instructional strategies, observe lessons (in person or via video), collaborate in lesson planning and serve as a valuable connection to a professional learning community. The program focuses on giving new advisers a chance to ask questions, receive feedback and take positive risks, all while growing their programs and gaining a sense of comfort and confidence in their journalism teaching and advising.

Mentees receive free JEA membership during their time in the program. To enroll as a mentee and receive support, fill out this form. If you have additional questions, email

Want to support a new teacher and give back to the scholastic journalism community? Fill out this form to sign up to serve as a JEA Mentor.

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