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Team Storytelling Workshop at the 2017 Advisers Institute

In July 2018, attendees of the Advisers Institute placed themselves in the shoes of their students and participated in a day-long team storytelling workshop. The hands-on experience guided advisers through the process of story package planning, content gathering and production to complete multimedia projects by day’s end. The subject of their stories were from a five-stop food tour of some of the best cuisine in Las Vegas. Here is their experience.


Sarah Nichols coordinated the groups and explained the schedule of when each group will depart for the food tour during the introduction session at the beginning of the day. This intro included advisers gathered to hear the plan and get organized. Groups worked as a team to fill out a story-planning sheet to prepare for the day’s coverage. Then breakout sessions were offered to help build specific skills so as to practice those skills on the food tour. Skill sessions included video, photo and social media.


170712-Team_Storytelling-0138<| Kaitlin Edgerton raises her hand to ask a question of Linda Puntney before the groups gather to collaborate on story ideas during the introduction session of the team storytelling workshop.


<| Kaitlin Edgerton and Sergio Yanes walk the strip in Las Vegas on their way to the first stop of the food tour. The idea behind this hands-on experience was to get advisers out of the hotel and place them in the shoes of their students, charged with covering an event and bring back publishable material.


One of the first stops on the tour was the Glass Flower Ceiling by Dale Chihuly in the Bellagio Hotel lobby. Armed with cameras, phones and notepads, advisers gathered content and asked questions keeping in mind their plan for coverage.

Not only did attendees learn new skills, but they got an exclusive look at some of the strip’s most iconic places.


<| Anna Marshall interviews the food tour organizer, Kathy, at the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens.


<| Margie Raper stops to take photos along the passage to Secret Pizza, a popular restaurant with no signs or guidances to their entrance.


<| MaryKate Cragg collaborates with her group during the team storytelling workshop at the 2017 Advisers Institute.


<| David Gold shoots video as Bradley Wilson takes photos during the team storytelling workshop at the Linq hotel. Teams created unique projects and became more familiar with the tools used by their students.



By the end of the day, each group presented their work. The goals was for each group to completed multiple projects with each group member taking the lead one one. The results were impressive. Here are some examples of their work.

Total Experience




Articleapp – Photo essay


Hexx Chocolates



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