Future Administrator Scholarship

Deadline: Dec. 15

About the Scholarship

The Journalism Education Association awards a $1,500 scholarship to an adviser who intends to earn a secondary administrator's credential/license and seek a position in administration. Each recipient must be a current JEA member and student media adviser who is in or past their fourth year of teaching and advising. The scholarship check is sent to the student's college/university account after the winner is announced.

Entry Criteria

Each recipient must complete the application, which includes the following:
● A 250-word essay explaining his/her desire to become a secondary administrator.
● Not more than three (3) recommendation letters, preferably from those who have firsthand knowledge of his/her leadership skills and work with student journalists.
● A current resume.
● Appropriate application or other verification of enrollment in an accredited administrative program.

How to Apply

To apply for a Future Administrator Scholarship, fill out this online form. Applications are due Dec. 15. Recommendation letters, resume and verification of enrollment need to be in PDF format before uploading to the application form.

Award Recognition

● A committee of teachers and university personnel involved in journalism teacher education will make the selection.
● Scholarships will be announced by mid-January and recognized at the Spring JEA/NSPA National High School Journalism Convention.


Mark Hilburn, MJE, Millard West High School, Omaha, Nebraska

Barbara Bateman, CJE, Daphne (Alabama) High School
Laura Gordon Reska, University Preparatory Academy, San Jose, California

Zeb Carabello, CJE, Rangeview High School, Aurora, Colorado

Elise T. Carlson, Oviedo (Florida) High School

R.J. Morgan, CJE, Mississippi Scholastic Press Association, University

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