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Cover photo by Kennedy Weatherby.

Fall 2022 | Volume 56 | Number 1


Law & Ethics: Some Supreme Court members open to reconsidering 'actual malice' case, by Bradley Wilson, MJE
Staff organization: Get it together, by Sarah Griggs
Staff organization: Focus on individual strengths, by Sue Skalicky
Editing: Take the compliment, by Bradley Wilson, MJE
Staff organization: Icebreakers, by Bradley Wilson, MJE
Classroom management: It's random, by Bradley Wilson, MJE
Design: A new look, by Bradley Wilson, MJE


Cover photo by Elizabeth Chan, McKinney (Texas) High School.

Winter 2021 | Volume 55 | Number 2


Social media: 30 days of Instagram, by Courtney Hanks, MJE, page 3
Writing: The art of the anecdote in storytelling, by Kelly Huddleston, MJE, page 18
Social media: Creating an effective social media strategy, by Katrina Berry-Ivy, page 20
Writing: Finding the right substitute for Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla, by Bradley Wilson, MJE, page 26
Law & Ethics: Four steps for building trust in your journalism program, by Kadee Harper, page 28
Photojournalism: Going mirrorless, by Bradley Wilson, MJE, page 38

Cover photo by Mollie Gallagher of Van Alstyne (Texas) High School.

Fall 2021 | Volume 55 | Number 1


Writing: Headlines help tell the story, by Joe Humphrey, MJE and Shari Adwers, MJE, page 3
Writing: Heads up: Suggestions for writing headlines in any medium, by Griff Singer, page 4
Writing: The 9 secrets of writing irresistible headline (used by the biggest blogs), by Daren Low, page 6
Team Building: Spread the love, page 11
Art: A reflection on herd on the street, by Bradley Wilson, MJE, page 12
Writing: Beyond the inverted pyramid, by Pam Escobar, page 20
Writing: It starts with a story, by Charles Erikson, CJE, page 23
Law and Ethics: Scholastic Journalism Law: A new case, by Tom Eveslage, MJE, page 29
Writing: Things native English speakers know, but don’t know we know, page 35

Photo by Peyton Sims, Texas High School (Texarkana, Texas)

Summer 2021 | Volume 54 | Number 4


Editing: Ease the editing burden, by Trisha Dyer, page 2
Editing: Make your staff an editing machine, by Laura Negri, page 3
Editing: Associated Press Stylebook updates, page 5
Online: Seven tips for social media storytelling, by Louisa Avery, MJE, page 11
Photojournalism: Playing with light, by Emily Jorgensen, page 19
Photojournalism: A photo without a quality photo caption is like a movie without sound, by Bradley Wilson, MJE, page 27
Research: Steps to autonomy, by Lindsay M. Coppens, page 33
Research:Ten attributes of the ideal student publications adviser, Chuck Dill, page 38

Photo by Katlyn Dickey, Sparkman High School (Harvest, Alabama)

Spring 2021 | Volume 54 | Number 3


Coverage: All politics is local, by Bradley Wilson, MJE, page 2
Style: Keeping up with the Jonesespage 13
Photojournalism: 40 photos in 55 days, by Josh Clements, CJE, page 14
Design: Pantone colors of the year, page 21
Writing: The 2020 words of the year, by Bradley Wilson, MJE, page 22
Multimedia: Navigating through the unknown, by Michael Ellson, page 29
Multimedia: There is a multitool for storytelling, by Travis Armknecht, CJE, page 33
Classroom management: 2020: A year we won't forget, page 36


Photo by Alice Liang, Cinco Ranch High School (Katy, Texas)

Winter 2020 | Volume 54 | Number 2


Leadership:10 stadiums. 10 days. by Michael Malcom-Bjorklund, CJE, page 3
Coverage:Raising the bar, by Krystle Hoisington, CJE, page 7
Photojournalism: Photopea, by Bradley Wilson, MJE, page 14
News gathering: Journalism, at its heart, is a question, by Shari Chumley, CJE, page 20
Law and ethics: A new case, by Bradley Wilson, MJE, page 24
Design: Try broccoli, by Nancy Smith, MJE, page 33
Technology: Online software lets data flourish, by Bradley Wilson, MJE, page 38

Photo by Dylan Mitchell, Shawnee Mission Northwest High School (Shawnee, Kansas); Susan Massy, adviser

Fall 2020 | Volume 54 | Number 1


Photojournalism: Photo Assignments, by Bradley Wilson, MJE, page 3
Technology: Zoom, by Bradley Wilson, MJE, page 8
Photojournalism: My Life, by Shannon Oden, page 14
Coverage: Best Practices, by Gary Lundgren, page 20
Coverage: In The Field, an interview of Erin Ailworth by Bradley Wilson, MJE, page 48
Coverage: Eye Opener, by Noelle Griffin, page 54

Photo by Luis Salas, Paso Robles High School (California)

Summer 2020 | Volume 53 | Number 4


Writing: 55 tips for better writing, by Timothy Cain, CJE, page 3
Editing: Style evolves to reflect worldwide connections, by Bradley Wilson, MJE, page 15
Team Building: Let's have a little fun, by Trisa Dyer, page 22
Advising: MKD continues to inspire, speech by Mary Kay Downes, MJE, page 29
Yearbook: Academic coverage, page 35
Showcase: The Communicator Magazine, Community High School, by Gary Lundgren, page 13
Showcase: Pantera Yearbook, Meade High School, by Gary Lundgren, page 19

Photo by Iliana Ortiz, Claudia Taylor "Ladybird" Johnson High School (San Antonio, Texas)

Spring 2020 | Volume 53 | Number 3


Technology: Issuu evolves to connect content with consumers, by Bradley Wilson, MJE, page 3
Photojournalism: Covering speakers, by Bradley Wilson, MJE, page 12
Research: Principals and the press, by R.J. Morgan, page 15
Showcase: Kodiak Yearbook, Bridgeland High School, by Gary Lundgren, page 25
Feature: Moderator reminds students to focus on local politics, by Bradley Wilson, MJE, page 26
Engagement Strategies: 8 strategies to create staying power for your program through entrepreneurial skills, by Julia Walker, page 29
Engagement Strategies: Keep the focus, by Emily Miller, page 33
Engagement Strategies: Add to your reading list, by Emily Miller, 34
Writing: Words of the year, page 35
Design: Color of the year, page 38


Photo by Ryan Ash, Edwardsville High School (Illinois)

Winter 2019 | Volume 53 | Number 2


The Environment: Environmental journalism: stories that need telling empower readers to take action, by Carol Terracina Hartman, page 2
The Environment: SEJ president: Environmental journalists write the stories of our time, with Bobby Magill, page 10
The Environment: Get students interested in the environment; focus on writing, storytelling, by Carol Terracina Hartman, page 12
The Environment: Institute helps students produce climate change content, turn passion into skills, by Katina Paron with student work by Christine Zhu, Madeleine Klass, Celeste Wolf and Satchel Walton, page 15
The Environment: Climate change story ideas, by Mai Hoang, page 28
The Environment: Young environmentalists form global network, by Mai Hoang with student work by Sarah Wang and Shah Tazian Ashrafi, page 30
The Environment: Texas photographer hooked on capturing nature's power, awe, by Jason Weingart, page 32
Showcase: The Mirror newspaper, Van Nuys High School, by Gary Lundgren, page 35
First Amendment: 7 activities for use in the classroom involving the First Amendment, by Sandra L. Pagliughi, CJE, with contributions from Lori Oglesbee; Sarah Nichols, MJE; Carol Lange, CJE, and Bradley Wilson, MJE, page 37
Writing: It's Grammarman!, by Susan M. Pavelka, page 48

Photo by Abigail Roberts, Shawnee Mission Northwest High School (Shawnee, Kansas); Susan Massy, adviser

Fall 2019 | Volume 53 | Number 1


Law and ethics: Take it down, by Bradley Wilson, MJE, page 3
Graphics: Compete to comprehend, by Howard Spanogle, page 9
Audio: 'J Room' the podcast, by Jerred Zegelis, page 14
Audio: Podcasts rely on journalists doing great interviews, by Ellen Cowhey, page 17
Research: Re-establishing student press rights: Kansas' response to Hazelwood, by Kristy Dekat, MJE, page 20
Showcase: The Pylon newsmagazine, Salina Central High School, by Gary Lundgren, page 34
Coverage: Covering lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and related issue in the scholastic media, by Bradley Wilson, MJE, page 35
Coverage: Advisers: help students cover the world honestly, truthfully, transparently, by Logan Aimone, page 44
News: New faces behind the scenes, by Bradley Wilson, MJE, page 45
News: JEA elections in 2020, by Candace Perkins Bowen, MJE, page 47

Photo illustration by Raquelle Bennett, Robert G. Cole High School (San Antonio)

Summer 2019 | Volume 52 | Number 4


Editing: Style evolves to reflect worldwide connections, by Bradley Wilson, MJE, page 3
Photojournalism: BOKEH, with Jessica Stamp, page 7
Online: Give them something new, by Michelle Balmeo, page 12
Advising: 'To this day, I am a total news junkie,' speech by Brenda Gorsuch, MJE, page 17
Advising: Becoming a backpack journalist, by Jill Cavotta, page 23
Advising: Getting all the right video, by Erin Burden, page 27
Advising: It's not the A. It's the effort, by Jill Cavotta, page 21
Leadership: The skillful teacher: A portrait, by Jeff Grimm, page 34
Advising: Use time wisely; humans are not inexhaustible supplies of energy, by Keri Kemble, CJE, page 35
Leadership: The paper plate: A celebration, by Jeff Grimm, page 39

Photo by Kathleen Bock, Glenbrook South High School (Glenview, Illinois)

Spring 2019 | Volume 52 | Number 3


Technology: Dreams of a paperless society, by Bradley Wilson, MJE, page 3
Technology: Pearltrees, by Rebecca Pollard, MJE, page 17
Design: Animating, life-affirming Living Coral energizes, enlivens, by Pantone, page 19
Showcase: Rubicon Online, St. Paul Academy and Summit School, by Kathryn Campbell, CJE, page 23
History: Time's Person of the Year: The Guardians, page 25
Coverage: Covering Trump is a big deal, by Kyle Carter, CJE, page 27
Advising: Fighting fake news in the classroom, by Diana Burban, page 34
Showcase: The Roundup, Brophy College Prep, by Jake Kelly, page 37
Writing: Words of the year, page 38


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