Category: Resources for Educators

Digital photography rubric

This rubric allows advisers to evaluate photographs on a multitude of levels, including lighting, composition and storytelling elements. Descriptions in each of the rubric’s criteria provide for maximum feedback to students. Courtesy Lizabeth Walsh.

Journalistic writing and ‘English class’ writing

From purpose to organization to information-gathering, this Powerpoint presentation highlights the similarities and differences between journalistic writing and English essays. Courtesy Candace Perkins Bowen.

Advertising packet

Use this example from Boone High School’s Legend yearbook to see how to reach out to advertisers with specifics on rates, sizes, deadlines and more. Courtesy Renee Burke.

News/feature body copy evaluation form

This form allows editors and advisers to evaluate body copy for content, creativity, mechanics, impact and effectiveness of graphics. Courtesy Renee Burke.

Coverage: How to get people to read your newspaper

This Powerpoint presentation provides details and examples of the types of coverage and stories readers are clamoring for. Courtesy Linda Barrington.

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