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Agenda for the Nov. 19, 2020 board meeting

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Agenda for the Nov. 20 general membership meeting

Agenda Journalism Education Association General Membership Meeting Nov. 20, 2020 • 9 a.m. I. Call to order — Sarah Nichols II. Roll call — Lindsay Porter III. Approval of minutes — Sarah Nichols IV. Reports A. Summary of board action — Sarah Nichols B. Conventions — Kelly Glasscock C. Financial reports — Kelly Glasscock D.…
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Online submission materials for Fall 2020 NSMC available

Online submission materials are made available for use in preparing entries for selected JEA National Student Media Contests.  Each zip file contains contest instructions and all materials needed to complete your entry.  For full contest information, go to the main JEA National Student Media Contests page. 01: Newswriting View/download assignment prompt Interview video: 02: Editorial Writing View/download…
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JEA commits to racial justice

The Journalism Education Association supports free and responsible scholastic journalism by providing resources and educational opportunities, by promoting professionalism, by encouraging and rewarding student excellence and teacher achievement, and by fostering an atmosphere which encompasses diversity yet builds unity. In a summer like no other in educational history, the JEA Board has been acutely aware…
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JEA board passes resolution to provide free resources

Whereas journalism teachers and student media advisers face uncertainty regarding the start of the 2020-21 school year with concerns for safety and format; and Whereas budgets are tight with possibilities of limited or frozen school purchasing mixed with strain on personal and department or program finances; and Whereas the work of scholastic journalists matters more…
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