JEA renews five-year contract with Kansas State University

JEA renews five-year contract with Kansas State University

By Lindsay Porter, CJE

The Journalism Education Association has approved a five-year contract with Kansas State University to begin July 1, 2024. The board of directors unanimously approved the agreement for JEA to continue its partnership with K-State and the A.Q. Miller School of Media and Communication as its headquarters host. 

The board vote took place April 4, 2024, and contract signing took place the over the following weeks.

“We are definitely excited to continue our longstanding relationship with Kansas State University. This mutually beneficial agreement will continue until at least 2029, and we hope to explore even more ways we can work with the university to improve journalism education,” JEA President Val Kibler, MJE, said. 

JEA headquarters has been located at K-State since 1987. Designated as a sponsored program by K-State, JEA receives free office space and the advantage of university benefits and resources.

“It has been a collaborative process between JEA and K-State in reviewing the previous contract and developing a new one,” JEA Executive Director Veronica Purvis said. “Both parties value the long-standing relationship and are happy to renew the agreement.”

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