JEA announces upcoming executive director opening

JEA announces upcoming executive director opening

Journalism Education Association Executive Director Kelly Glasscock, CJE, announced today he will begin a new position July 1, 2022. Glasscock has accepted an offer to run the family business his grandfather started more than 50 years ago. He will continue in his role with JEA until then to help ensure a smooth transition.

“Kelly has been a fantastic director these past four years, and I’m sorry to see him go,” JEA President Sarah Nichols, MJE, said. “At the same time, I’m grateful we have one more year. We intend to take full advantage of it in terms of serving our members, continuing to grow and restructure the organization and evolving to meet the changing demands of our industry.” 

The contract for JEA’s headquarters, which is in effect through June 30, 2024, partners with Kansas State University and includes office space and staffing with the university in Manhattan, Kansas. Currently, the executive director role is a faculty appointment in the A.Q. Miller School of Journalism and Mass Communications. 

Glasscock has shared his intentions with JMC director Steve Smethers, but the process for finding and hiring a new director likely will follow a different process than the last search in 2016-17.

“JEA is a different organization than it was even a few years ago,” Glasscock said. “While the pandemic has played a major role in that evolution, so has the fast-changing media industry. The goal would be maximum flexibility of location and a singular focus on serving the association.”

JEA leaders will use this opportunity to evaluate the organization’s needs for long-term success in order to develop the best listing and process for its next executive director. Likely the formal posting will occur in late August or early September.

In the meantime, initial transition plans are underway.

“Things are ‘business as usual’ with our staff. Kelly and his team at headquarters won’t skip a beat, and things look great already for the fall convention in Philadelphia,” Nichols said.

The year-long transition will eliminate the need to hire an interim director, another difference from the last search. Glasscock said having a smooth transition was instrumental in his approach to give the organization a year’s notice. 

“I had no intention of leaving JEA, an organization that I have cherished for decades,” Glasscock said. “It was the greatest honor of my career to become its director. However, if there is one organization that I have more of a personal connection with, it’s the family business I grew up watching. This opportunity was not supposed to exist, but life happens, and I couldn’t turn down the offer to allow the company to move into the third generation of ownership.

“I’m heartbroken thinking about leaving JEA, but excited thinking about the next adventure. I have one more year to soak in all that I love about working with JEA’s great teachers, volunteers, leaders and staff. Thank you all for your support during my time here.”

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