Agenda for the April 10, 2021 board meeting

Agenda for the April 10, 2021 board meeting


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Journalism Education Association Board Meeting

April 10, 2021 • 10 a.m. Central

I. Call to order — Sarah Nichols, MJE (10 a.m.)

II. Roll call and determination of quorum — Cindy Horchem, CJE

III. Reading of notice of meeting — Cindy Horchem, CJE

IV. Approval of minutes — Sarah Nichols, MJE

V. Affirmation of electronic votes — Sarah Nichols, MJE

VI. Approval of agenda — Sarah Nichols, MJE

VII. Commendations — Sarah Nichols, MJE

    1. Susan Gregory, MJE — Joe Humphrey, MJE
    2. Fred Haas — Aaron Manfull, MJE
    3. Tracy Anderson — Aaron Manfull, MJE
    4. PJ Cabrera, CJE; Louisa Avery, CJE; Phillip Caston, CJE; Adriana Chavira, MJE; Jordyn Kiel, CJE; Julie Kuo, CJE; Shanon Woolf — Sarah Nichols, MJE
    5. Linda Ballew, MJE — Sarah Nichols, MJE

VIII. Reports (10:20 a.m.)

    1. National Student Media Contests — Nancy Smith, MJE
    2. Conventions — Kelly Glasscock, CJE
    3. Headquarters — Kelly Glasscock, CJE 1. Documentation of subsequent events
    4. Curriculum — Shari Adwers, MJE

IX. New business (11 a.m.)

    1. Aspiring Young Journalist — Joe Humphrey, MJE
    2. Approval of 2021-22 budget — Kelly Glasscock, CJE

X. Adjournment

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