JEA board passes resolution to provide free resources

JEA board passes resolution to provide free resources

Whereas journalism teachers and student media advisers face uncertainty regarding the start of the 2020-21 school year with concerns for safety and format; and

Whereas budgets are tight with possibilities of limited or frozen school purchasing mixed with strain on personal and department or program finances; and

Whereas the work of scholastic journalists matters more than ever, empowering student voices and providing ways to navigate the world amidst a pandemic;

The JEA board of directors seeks to unify and expand the teacher-adviser community.

Scholastic journalism education faces multiple challenges already as teachers work to obtain necessary resources, administrator support and press freedom protection. This is a time to do everything possible to help each other. 

In order to support teachers and advisers in providing the best possible experience to help students report on their communities, especially on current issues such as the public health care emergency, social justice, racial inequality, climate crisis and political corruption,

Be it resolved that the Journalism Education Association will develop and share new free resources at

Approved unanimously by the board of directors July 30, 2020.

Sarah Nichols, MJE — President

Val Kibler, MJE — Vice President

Kristin Taylor, CJE — Director, Scholastic Press Rights 

Shari Adwers, MJE — Director, Educational Initiatives

Katie Merritt, MJE — Director-at-large

Sarah Verpooten, MJE — Director-at-large

Brenda Field, MJE — Director-at-large

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