Board secretary Oglesbee steps down

Board secretary Oglesbee steps down

Lori Oglesbee has resigned as secretary of the Journalism Education Association Board of Directors effective immediately.

Oglesbee, a long-time JEA board member in her first term as secretary, resigned to spend more time with her family and her teaching and advising assignment at McKinney High School in Texas.

“I am absolutely disappointed for JEA, but happy for Lori,” JEA President Mark Newton said. “Lori has been an instrumental part of JEA, the board and scholastic journalism. We will miss her honesty, vision and unwavering dedication to teaching and advising.”

“During my 13 years on the Board, I have been proud to serve an organization dedicated to the work I love so much — teaching journalism,” Ogelsbee wrote. “Though I will no longer be on the board, I will continue to attend conventions with our legions of students, teach sessions and judge contests. In fact, I can’t wait to spend more time with my students at the conventions.”

JEA has released information on the process to fill Oglesbee’s term, which concludes June 30, 2014.

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