Minutes from April 13, 2012, General Membership Meeting

Minutes from April 13, 2012, General Membership Meeting

General Membership Meeting
April 13, 2012
Seattle, Washington
Washington State Convention Center

I. President Mark Newton calls the meeting to order at 8 a.m.

II. Roll call:

Present: Mark Newton, president; Sarah Nichols, vice president; Lori Oglesbee-Petter, secretary; Jack Kennedy, past president; Sandra Coyer, Region 1 director; Carrie Faust, Region 2 director; Gary Lindsay, Region 3 director; Wayna Polk, Region 4 director; Brenda Gorsuch, Region 5 director; Rod Satterthwaite, Region 6 director; Jane Blystone, Region 7 director; Kim Green, certification commission chair; Norma Kneese, multicultural commission chair; John Bowen, scholastic press rights commission chair; Tom Gayda, development and curriculum commission chair; Anita Marie Wertz, junior high/middle school commission chair; Bradley Wilson, Communication: Journalism Education Today editor; Candace Bowen, JEA Listserv; Julie Dodd, scholastic press association directors; Linda Barrington, mentors; Logan Aimone, NSPA; Aaron Manfull, digital media committee; Sharon Tally, headquarters; Jill Chittum, National PLC committee chair; Kelly Furnas, executive director.

III. Approval of the minutes

Sandra Jacoby, 2nd: Stan Zoeller

IV. Reports

Summary of board action – Lori Oglesbee

Explanation of the National Quiz Bowl

Mark explained the forming of the new standing committee on the Common Core/P21, Candace Bowen will chair

Lori Oglesbee-Petter requested volunteers for the Position Statement Committee

Mentoring Committee – Linda Barrington and Julie Dodd (fifth year and in 15 states; Yesterday had a full day of training; three new mentors

Scholastic Press Rights Committee – John Bowen (state legislation model guidelines; panic button explanation)

Outreach Commission – Norma Kneese (9 people came for the Outreach Academy)

Local Committee – Steve Matson

San Antonio Covention – Rhonda Moore

Digital Media Committee meeting – Aaron Manfull

NCTE liason – Brian Wilson (If any members are going to NCTE in Las Vegas, contact Brian)

JOY Committee – Wayna Polk (14 judges and 37 entries) Members are invited to join the judges panel.

National Journalism PLC – Jill Chittum (Open invitation to join and become a part of one)

State directors – Sarah Nichols

Headquarters Reports – Kelly Furnas

  • Attendance: 2,946 as of three days ago, expecting 3,200 delegates
  • Convention Hotel: Attrition rates from cancelled rooms. Kelly and Logan contacted members with multiple room bookings and ask that they finalize their numbers early and release unneeded rooms to put back in the block. It worked.
  • Finances: Reports distributed as members entered.
  • Webmaster is here: Arthi Subramanian
  • Adviser Institute – Las Vegas this summer

Motion: Linda Barrington makes a motion to commend Steve Matson and the local committee for their outstanding work. 2nd Jane Blystone. Motion carries

V. New business

VI. Adjournment Stan Zoeller; 2nd Kim Green

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