Minutes from Nov. 18, 2011, general membership meeting

Minutes from Nov. 18, 2011, general membership meeting

Unofficial minutes from the Nov. 18, 2011, general membership meeting in Minneapolis.

Roll Call

Present: Mark Newton, president; Sarah Nichols, vice president; Lori Oglesbee-Petter, secretary; Jack Kennedy, past president; Sandra Coyer, Region 1 director; Carrie Faust, Region 2 director; Gary Lindsay, Region 3 director; Wayna Polk, Region 4 director; Brenda Gorsuch, Region 5 director; Rod Satterthwaite, Region 6 director; Jane Blystone, Region 7 director; Kim Green, certification commission chair; Norma Kneese, multicultural commission chair; John Bowen, scholastic press rights commission chair; Tom Gayda, development and curriculum commission chair; Anita Marie Wertz, junior high/middle school commission chair; Kelly Furnas, executive director; Bradley Wilson, Communication: Journalism Education Today editor; Candace Bowen, JEA Listserv; Julie Dodd, scholastic press association directors; Connie Fulkerson, awards coordinator; Aaron Manfull, digital media committee; Linda Barrington, mentor program; Nancy Smith, Write-Off co-chair; Jill Chittum, National PLC chair; Steve O’Donoghue, Outreach Academy; Stan Zoller, Outreach Academy.

Absent: Brian Wilson, Linda Shockley, Nancy Smith, Patricia Turley, Gary Lindsay.

Approval of the Minutes: Bradley Wilson. Motion passes.


  1. Summary of board action – Lori Oglesbee
  2. Convention – Kelly Furnas
  3. Financial reports – Kelly Furnas
  4. Items of concern
    1. j membership encouraged – Mark Newton
    2. Mentoring – Linda Barrington and Julie Dodd
    3. Scholastic Press Association Directors meeting – Julie Dodd
    4. Scholastic Press Rights Commission – John Bowen
    5. Come to Seattle – Steve Matson
    6. Come to San Antonio – Rhonda Moore
    7. National Journalism PLC – Jill Chittum
    8. Digital Media – Aaron Manfull
    9. Recognition of Aaron Manfull as Dow Jones National Journalism Teacher of the Year
    10. NSPA/JEA initiative to make scholastic journalism a viable course in the changing educational landscape – Mark Newton
    11. New logo – Sarah Nichols
    12. J – Lori Oglesbee

Motion to Adjourn: Jane Blystone. Motion passes

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