2007 board of directors elections

2007 board of directors elections

Susan Tantillo, MJE
McHenry, Ill.

As a member of JEA since the mid-1970s, Susan Hathaway Tantillo, MJE , has served in four national board positions:   Newswire editor, regional director, certification chair and secretary. A CJE and MJE, she received JEA’s Medal of Merit, Carl Towley and Lifetime Achievement awards. Tantillo has a master’s degree in journalism from Indiana University and taught journalism and English for 30 years at Wheeling (Ill.) HS. Since her retirement in 2001 she has continued to present sessions at state, regional and national conferences and conventions, to judge for state and national journalism organizations and to teach each summer since 2001 in the ASNE Institute at Kent State University. She also continues on the Illinois JEA Board in an appointed position.

Statement of Goals:
While I wish every journalism teacher/adviser could have a career of at least 30 challenging and fulfilling years, the statistics tell us that just isn’t going to happen. With the average teacher/adviser lasting three to five years and seasoned veterans retiring, the critical need is recruiting new teachers/advisers and providing them with a support system. JEA is committed to this goal and I want to continue to be a formal part of this ongoing commitment. I see JEA’s certification program as an important part of this process since the well-prepared – and recognized — teacher/adviser is more likely to continue in his or her position. JEA’s new Rising Star Award, first presented in 2006, is another important part of this process encouraging advisers in their first five years to continue their work.

In my four years as JEA secretary I have been able to travel to support JEA’s mission and will continue this outreach effort and my support of all JEA goals if I am reelected. Most importantly, I advocate JEA’s mission of supporting free and responsible scholastic journalism for all and pledge to continue my work to help others support this goal.

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