C:JET Volume 33, 1999-2000

C:JET Volume 33, 1999-2000

Cover photo by Nicholas Burlett

Fall 1999, Vol. 33, #1

  • Covering Crime
  • ‘How Often We Forget That We and Our Staffs are News’” by Michele Dunaway and Gary Drummond
  • Band: “Coverage of the High Notes” by Bradley Wilson
  • Gallery: Scoreboards
  • The Art of the Interview” by Rhonda Moore
  • How to Punctuate What People Say
  • Making the Quotes Connect” By Tom Smith
  • “Make Learning to be a Reporter Fun” by Susan Komandosky
  • More Effective Associations” by Julie Dodd
  • Save — And Save Often in the Right Format” by Bradley Wilson

Winter 1999, Vol. 33, #2


An 80-page special edition. Cover photo by Evan Semon

Case Studies

  • Natural disasters
  • School violence
  • Murder
  • Bomb threats
  • Suicide
  • Student deaths
  • School fires
  • Athletic injuries
  • Car accidents

The Journalist’s Angle

  • Coverage” The multi-angle approach
  • Creating a ‘crisis plan’
  • Policies ensure unbiased coverage
  • Working with law-enforcement agencies, reports
  • Role of the media


  • Covering medical emergencies
  • Taking unimaginable photos
  • Characteristics of troubled students
  • Covering hostage-taking crises, etc.
  • The victim’s perspective
  • Student press passes
  • Explorers

Spring 2000, Vol. 33, #3

  • “Time and Energy: The Care and Training of the Beginning Writer” by Marsha Prock
  • “On Location: Shooting Environmental Portraits
  • The Sources Are the Story: Students Cravie Classroom Instruction on Source Relations and Cultivation” by Dale Harrison
  • Time to Celebrate: Coverage of Ritual Festivities Needs to be as Special as the Event Itself” by Carol Lange
  • Looking Back: Anniversary Books Offer Unique Opportunities for Coverage and a Chance to Make History” by H.L. Hall
  • How Do You Spell Millennium?”
  • Adobe InDesign vs. QuarkXPress and PageMaker” by Bradley Wilson

Summer 2000, Vol. 33, #4

  • “Day 1: A Documentary by Students”
  • “AP Changes Style on Courtesy Titles”
  • “From Look to Book: Six Easy Steps to Make Your Book Look Fresh Each Year by Studying and Adapting Designs from Other Publications” by Ann Akers and Jim Jordan
  • The Association’s Early Years” by Molly Clemons
  • The First J School” by Diane Boyle
  • Style Sheets: “Consistency Key to Readability” by Bradley Wilson
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