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Magazine Advertising

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  • Page size: 8 1/2 x 11″ with bleed possible on all four sides. Ads less than a full page should use 1/2″ margins for an 7 1/2 x 10″ print area (with bleed still accessible).
    • A half-page ad is 7.5″ (45p) x 5″ (30p), horizontal or 3.667″ (22p) x 10″ (60p) vertical.
    • A quarter-page ad is 3.583″ (21p6) x 5″ (30p). Vertical only.
    • An eighth-page ad is 3.667″ (22p) x 2.375″ (14p3) Horizontal only.
    • Back cover ad sizes: Either 7.5″ (45p) x 8″ (48p) with half-inch margins or 8.5″ (51p) x 8.5″ (51p) with left, right and bottom bleeds. Top of back cover will include area for addressing.
  • Line screen: 150 LPI. Electronic ads should be submitted as high-resolution PDF files (preferred) or 300 PPI JPEG files submitted by email to BOTH Bradley Wilson and Pam Boller. Ads with bleeds must include the bleed area with crop marks.
  • Color: four-color on all pages.
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