Final Checklist

Before sending in your application for the JEA National High School Journalist of the Year, be sure you have all of the following.

  • Entry form.
  • Official transcript.
  • Self-analytical explanation of your “journalistic life.”
  • Three or four letters of recommendation.
  • Portfolio in a three-ring binder showing examples of your best published or broadcast work.
  • Self-addressed, large padded envelope with adequate postage for return of your work.
  • Action photo of you doing something journalistic.
  • Verification that your adviser is a current national JEA member. You will be disqualified at the national level if your adviser is not a member.
  • Entire portfolio should be no more than 46 one-sided or 23 two-sided pages with application materials not to exceed an additional 10 pages. Broadcast tape, limited to 15 minutes, should be cured to the student’s best work.

CLICK HERE for a list of state directors

Once the state winner is selected, please send his/her portfolio so it is received by March 15 to

Journalist of the Year
Journalism Education Association
Kansas State University
103 Kedzie Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506

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