Commitment to diversity

Approved by the board of directors, Nov. 13, 2021.

As a community of journalism educators, we have a unique opportunity to influence positive change.

We aim to lead scholastic journalists to commit to a critical consciousness of the issues we face in our world. These young voices are the ones who can have the most positive impact when it comes to addressing disparities and injustices surrounding diversity, equity and inclusion. Through their work in media, students develop a heightened awareness. The stories they tell create a more informed and empathetic school community, and the skills they develop prepare them for meaningful contributions in any field.

As a professional learning community, JEA seeks to celebrate individuality and provide a welcoming space to learn and grow. Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is deliberate and ongoing. We embrace the complexity of these efforts and pledge to maintain transparency.

Our programs: JEA is committed to supporting our members and the students they teach. We understand we have a unique role in education — teaching how to tell stories, the value of diverse perspectives within them and the communities those stories serve. Our programs support this from the classroom curriculum to our national conventions, from large-group discussions and collaborations to one-on-one mentoring and school partnerships.

Our process: JEA is dedicated to increasing diversity by continually examining and refining the processes by which decisions are made, such as how we spend member dollars, conduct elections, appoint leaders and communicate with members. General membership meetings and open communication with leadership promote transparency. We encourage stakeholder feedback.

Our people: JEA is an organization made of people — people with diverse and intersectional identities, beliefs and experiences — with a common passion for scholastic journalism. We are committed to centralizing underrepresented voices as a part of our community, not only for what they do, but for who they are and how that affects what they do. We are dedicated to providing a space where our members belong and matter, where they are supported as valued contributors and active collaborators and are challenged in their practice.

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