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Journalism math

There is a long-standing joke that journalists can’t do math. That may or may not be true, but most journalists know at least a little bit of math when it comes to layout and design. This handout shows how math comes into play when dealing with typography. Courtesy Tom Gayda, MJE.

Typography example worksheet

Typography is the study of type. Designers spend considerable time choosing just the right typeface to use when creating a page or spread. This worksheet walks students through the terminology and applications behind typography. Courtesy Tom Gayda, MJE.

Type Was Originally Designed to be Read With Ease

The summer of 1998 issue of C:JET featured a series of articles on typography, including a feature by Laura Schaub and instructional materials, including a collection of exercises BY LAURA SCHAUB We’ve crunched it, stretched it, smooshed it and whooshed it. We’ve trampled it, filled it, curved it and twisted it. We’ve shattered it, splattered…
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