Tag: evaluation

Scoring guide for basic photo shoot

This rubric allows for measurement of a photograph’s success in multiple categories, and also provides opportunities for students to reflect on the lessons learned from the assignment. Courtesy Sarah Nichols, MJE.

Rubric for images

This rubric takes the elements of a successful photograph and applies percentages based on the proficiency of the image in given categories. Courtesy Christine Coleman.

Feature photo rubric

Rate a feature photo from poor to excellent in categories such as impact, composition and technical quality using this rubric. Courtesy Lizabeth Walsh.

Digital photography rubric

This rubric allows advisers to evaluate photographs on a multitude of levels, including lighting, composition and storytelling elements. Descriptions in each of the rubric’s criteria provide for maximum feedback to students. Courtesy Lizabeth Walsh.

News/feature body copy evaluation form

This form allows editors and advisers to evaluate body copy for content, creativity, mechanics, impact and effectiveness of graphics. Courtesy Renee Burke.

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