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Partner Project visits Norte Vista High School in Riverside, CA

With “The Big Show” Novi editors gallery-walked to preview and critique layouts created by their fellow staffers. Students combined their story pitch meetings with a lesson in basic design to draft double page spreads to plan for content-driven coverage. The Norte Vista High School Partner Project kicked off in Riverside, California Sept. 12— one of…
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Partner Project serves Eppler Junior High School

Students at Eppler Junior High School take their group shot with JEA Partner Project teachers Kristy Dekat, CJE, and Pam Bunka during their workshop Sept. 12-13. Guest speaker Jesse Sutherland came in to teach students basic videography, and Principal Gerald Pantano held a press conference after students learned how to write questions. “The students really…
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Partner Project mobilizes to Kingsbury High School

While mapping out the story structure, junior Ashton Carson laughs with Partner Project instructor Rebecca Pollard, MJE, about word choice in his transitions. After attending a press conference, Carson learned about the importance of word choice to keep the reader interested. “It was kind of difficult at first, then I listened to what was being…
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Partner Project provides training at Omaha South Magnet High School

Omaha South Magnet High School Principal Ruben Cano holds a press conference with students from the newspaper and yearbook staffs who participated in one of five JEA Partner Projects this year. Fifty-two students from South spent three days learning how to combine their media and start populating their website more frequently. “The students at South…
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Write-offs become National Student Media Contests

Since 1975, the Write-offs have been a staple of the National High School Journalism Conventions, but they have changed since those early years. Today, JEA offers 46 writing, design, photography and broadcast contests. Our competitors represent their school’s newspaper, newsmagazine, literary magazine, broadcast, online, photography, digital media and graphic design programs and more than 3,000…
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