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JEA posts assistant director job opening

The Journalism Education Association has announced a job posting to hire an assistant director to start August 2020. The headquarters staff, which works at offices at Kansas State University, JEA’s host institution since 1987, will look a little different next fall after the retirement of long-time employee Connie Fulkerson, CJE. JEA Executive Director Kelly Glasscock,…
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Agenda for Nov. 21, 2019 Board of Directors meeting

View/download the meeting packet here.   Agenda Journalism Education Association Board Meeting Nov. 21, 2019 • 8 a.m. McKinley, Mezzanine Level • Marriott Wardman Park I. Call to order — Sarah Nichols (8 a.m.) II. Roll call and determination of quorum — Connie Fulkerson III. Reading of notice of meeting — Connie Fulkerson IV. Approval…
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Agenda for Nov. 22, 2019 general membership meeting

Agenda Journalism Education Association General Membership Meeting Nov. 22, 2019 • 8 a.m. Lincoln 2, Exhibition Level • Marriott Wardman Park • Washington, D.C. I. Call to order — Sarah Nichols II. Roll call — Connie Fulkerson III. Approval of minutes — Sarah Nichols IV. Reports A. Summary of board action — Sarah Nichols B.…
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Partner Project visits Norte Vista High School in Riverside, CA

With “The Big Show” Novi editors gallery-walked to preview and critique layouts created by their fellow staffers. Students combined their story pitch meetings with a lesson in basic design to draft double page spreads to plan for content-driven coverage. The Norte Vista High School Partner Project kicked off in Riverside, California Sept. 12— one of…
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Partner Project serves Eppler Junior High School

Students at Eppler Junior High School take their group shot with JEA Partner Project teachers Kristy Dekat, CJE, and Pam Bunka during their workshop Sept. 12-13. Guest speaker Jesse Sutherland came in to teach students basic videography, and Principal Gerald Pantano held a press conference after students learned how to write questions. “The students really…
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