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Grading a Publications Course

How to Give Objective Grades on Subjective Material This article originally appeared in the winter 2004 edition of Communication: Journalism Education Today. AN OVERVIEW By Candace Perkins Bowen with a little help from the other ASNE High School Journalism Institute instructors at Kent State — H.L. Hall, Susan Hathaway Tantillo and John Bowen Megan is…
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A little knowledge, common sense and compassion will go a long way when Working with Disabled People

by Bradley Wilson This article originally printed in the summer 2004 edition of Communication: Journalism Education Today. The Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination and requires reasonable accommodation Disability Overview Disability law is largely regulated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, which…
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Making People Feel Valued

CLICK HERE for a 1.8MB PDF version of this file originally printed in the fall 2002 edition of Communication: Journalism Education Today, a benefit of membership in JEA. JOIN TODAY You know how important it is to make your staff members work as part of a team. You need to make them feel a part…
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The Mug Shot

This article was originally printed in the winter 2001 issue of JEA’s magazine Communication: Journalism Education Today. Using light and camera angles to your benefit can help when you’re assigned to take THE MUG SHOT by Bradley Wilson Photos by Zach Long, Mike Shepherd, Jeanel Drake and Kelly Glasscock LET’S FACE IT. Sometimes there will…
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All The President’s Men

How two journalists brought down a president and lived to tell about it. CLICK HERE for a PDF version of this file. A guide for teaching the movie and the book in your classroom. CLICK HERE for information from The Washington Post. By Bradley Wilson Breaking into an office in the Watergate hotel and office…
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