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By Rob Melton, here is a set of multiple-choice quizzes, available only in PDF format that covers the basics of AP style, from cover to cover. Click here

The Station nightclub fire

Look at a breaking news story from Rhode Island Investigative journalism For a complete archive of the Providence Journal stories, numerous multimedia presentations and videos, CLICK HERE In the years since the fire, the Providence Journal has published literally hundreds of articles on The Station nightclub fire that occurred in 2003. Look at the first…
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Good Night, and Good Luck

CLICK HERE for a PDF version of this file. Good Night, and Good Luck We will not walk in fear of one another A guide for teaching the movie in your classroom. CLICK HERE for more curriculum information on this movie from the RTNDF High School Journalism Project. CLICK HERE for more information on the…
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The Paper

Never Let the Truth Get in the Way of a Good Story Part II: Part I appears in the spring 2007 edition of Communication: Journalism Education Today. CLICK HERE for plot information. Parter Test B By Cheryl Pratt Media reporters begin good stories by uncovering facts. Reporters in training can learn to listen closely. They…
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Reprinted from the fall 2006 edition of Communication: Journalism Education Today Many of these books are available in the JEA Bookstore. BY ANNE WHITT, MJE A wide-ranging list for teacher enrichment and for student inspiration. Practically every book in this list can be found on the Internet for a few dollars each. Also, check public…
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