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How to be an inspiring photography leader

This article supplements material in the winter 2011 issue of JEA’s magazine — Communication: Journalism Education Today. The Winter 2011 issue of Communication: Journalism Education Today presents “Must-have Images for Every Photo Assignment” on pages 20-26. Writer Eric Thomas, MJE, suggests how photography-conscious journalists can maximize the value of this convenient 1-10 list. If you…
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The Accidental Mentor

This article supplements a series of articles in the winter issue of JEA’s magazine — Communication: Journalism Education Today. To subscribe to the magazine, join today. “I never thought of Mr. Sim as a mentor. I wasn’t a mentee. It is a pure accident that my career mirrors his. Now I am a mentor, an…
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The 3 lesson plans, Class Activity #1, Search Engine Optimization, Rewrite Old Nevarmore Headlines, and Sample Headlines illustrate the use of formative assessment in classrooms. The link to the actual webpage is provided beneath each lesson plan. Click here.  


Here is another quiz from Rob Melton on the copy-editing symbols. Click here.


Here’s another copy-editing quiz by Rob Melton, also available only in PDF format, but this time in the format of an actual story. Click here.

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