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A few changes For the 2018 curriculum cycle, we are stepping away from content creation to spend a year focusing on revision and usability of the curriculum. We currently have hundreds of lessons and more content than an educator could possibly teach in a year. The next iteration of curriculum leaders will help us refine…
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Lesson plan: Lead writing

In this lesson, students will learn to write news article leads from three different perspectives.

Resource: tracking yearbook income and expenses

Use this spreadsheet to track your income and expenses through the year so you can project and plan what extras you and your staff can have. Courtesy Jeanne Unger.

Lesson plan: Understanding news literacy

To seek truth and report it lies at the heart of any journalist’s mission. But what is “truth?” And will we know it when we see it?  Deciphering credible, accurate information from an abundance of perspectives is harder today than ever before. These lesson plans, developed by Megan Fromm and made possible through a grant…
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Lesson plan: The effective use of white space

In this lesson, students will use effective white space to demonstrate the mastery of design in a spread. Students will use different types of white space to signify importance and meaning of information and elements in a spread. Download the lesson plan and supporting materials. Summative evaluation tool: Student created product Primary Common Core: CCSS.ELA-Literacy.W.11-12.2a Secondary…
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