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SEA the Possibilities – Scenes from Seattle

Scenes from the Spring 2017 Seattle Convention.

JEA/NSPA National High School Journalism Convention Fall 2012 Program – San Antonio

San Antonio program available for download

A PDF of the program for the Fall 2012 National High School Journalism Convention in San Antonio is available online for download.

Seattle — Spring 2012

ADVISERS — DOWNLOAD A CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE Jennifer Sizemore calls them “defining moments.” Your first byline. Your first successful FOIA request. Your first published mistake. But Sizemore, the editor in chief of and our Thursday keynote speaker, writes in her foreword to “Journalism Next” that there’s a new wrinkle for journalists in the 21st…
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Minneapolis – Fall 2011

ADVISERS — DOWNLOAD A CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE When noted theater director Tyrone Guthrie put out a call in 1959 for cities to host a new type of residential theater company, seven cities responded. One was not only interested but also eager: Minneapolis. Guthrie and his team visited and were enchanted by the people in America’s…
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Anaheim – Spring 2011

In his book “The Soloist,” Steve Lopez calls it the “golden rule” in journalism: Everyone has a story. “Talk to people,” he writes. “There’s no telling what you might find.” Lopez’s amazing story about profiling and befriending Nathaniel Ayers holds life-changing lessons for journalists and students. We’re thrilled to have Lopez as one of our…
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