Category: Journalism Education Today

C:JET Volume 32, 1998-1999

Fall 1998, Vol. 32, #1 “Journalism Kids Still Doing Better” by Jack Dvorak “Newseum Open for Interaction” by Brad Luck “Football Gives Photographers Chance to Solve Tough Problems” by Bradley Wilson “Policies and Procedures: What’s In a Staff Manual, Like What’s in the Publication Itself, Depends on What’s Appropriate for the School” by Bernadette Tucker…
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C:JET Volume 31, 1997-1998

Spring 1998, Vol. 31, #3 “Privacy Issues: What Journalists Can Do and What They Should Do” by Bruce Plopper “Stuck In the Middle” by Michele Dunaway “To Get the Reader To Buy, Buy, Buy, You Must Sell, Sell, Sell” by Rob Melton “Evaluation System for Publications Not Perfect” by Julie Dodd “Clipping Paths Separate Objects…
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