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C:JET Volume 42, 2008-2009

Fall 2008, Vol. 42, #1 Click here to purchase the Fall 2008, Vol. 42, #1 issue of the JEA magazine Going online — David Schwartz explores how a publication embraces or rejects online journalism potentially establishes a student’s future, a publication’s credibility and a teacher’s reputation. The concern is not how school publications can afford…
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C:JET Volume 41, 2007-2008

Fall 2007, Vol. 41, #1 Click here to purchase the Summer 2012, Vol. 45, #4 issue of the JEA magazine “Helvetica: Happy 50th Anniversary” by Bradley Wilson “Can Courage Outmaneuver Danger?” Introduction by Howard Spanogle “Photographer John Moore Recounts Experience in War Zones of the World” by Bobby Hawthorne “Danger on the Internet with a…
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C:JET Volume 40, 2006-2007

Fall 2006, Vol. 40, #1 Click here to purchase the Fall 2006, Vol. 40, #1 issue of the JEA magazine “Sustained Silent Reading ” by Steve Gardiner with books for the journalism classroom by Anne Whitt, Kathy Craghead and Howard Spanogle Business Journalism “Follow the Money: Finding Financial Story Ideas that are of Interest to…
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C:JET Volume 39, 2005-2006

Fall 2005, Vol. 39, #1 Click here to purchase the Fall 2005, Vol. 39, #1 issue of the JEA magazine Agricultural Journalism “It’s a Niche Industry” by Leigh Ochsner With excerpts and samples of agricultural journalism by Karne Briere, Barbara Kuckworth, Mary MacArthur, Mike Raine, David Lundquist, Matt Stamey, Dan Anderson, John Phipps and Michael…
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C:JET Volume 38, 2004-2005

Fall 2004, Vol. 38, #1 Click here to purchase the Fall 2004, Vol. 38, #1 issue of the JEA magazine Covering Crime “Do Your Homework; Know the People and the Rules; Double Check Everything ” by Ted Gest “Gaining Access to Scenes” from the Student Press Law Center “Journalist Ethnics ” by David Kraucek “Covering…
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