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The benefits of media educators’ travel

ONLINE PLUS The human-interest part of travel duties reveals additional benefits that traveling journalism teachers experience. For a multifaceted look at the contributions of traveling instructors, see pages 16-27 of the summer 2012 edition of Communication: Journalism Education Today. PERSONAL REWARDS Although traveling journalism teachers are primarily doing workshops to share their knowledge with students…
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C:JET Volume 46, 2012-2013

Summer 2013, Vol. 46, #4 Click here to purchase the Summer 2013, Vol. 46, #4 issue of the JEA magazine. Instagram: Launched in 2010, Instagram is an online tool for sharing photos. With 90 million registered users who have transmitted 4 billion photos, scholastic media have gotten in on the act too. Teenage journalists find ways to use the…
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C:JET Volume 45, 2011-2012

Summer 2012, Vol. 45, #4 Click here to purchase the Summer 2012, Vol. 45, #4 issue of the JEA magazine Election 2012 — With a heated battle under way for the Republican presidential nomination, the 2012 election promises to be one of the most expensive and heated battles of recent times. | Content from Bradley Wilson,…
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C:JET Volume 44, 2010-2011

Summer 2011, Vol. 44, #4 Click here to purchase the Summer 2011, Vol. 44, #4 issue of the JEA magazine Alternative story forms — Yearbook design, copy and coverage have changed a lot during the previous century. Contemporary readers expect information to be readable and visually appealing. Readers also appreciate a variety of story forms.…
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C:JET Volume 43, 2009-2010

Fall 2009, Vol. 43, #1 Click here to purchase the Fall 2009, Vol. 43, #1 issue of the JEA magazine The critique — A professional evaluation, whether for a yearbook, for a newspaper, for a magazine or for an online publication, is an educational tool as much as a way to get a rating. Learn…
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