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2011 board of directors election results

Of the 2,209 potential voters, 633 people actually voted and seven abstained for a voter turnout of 29 percent. The board members take office July 1. President Mark Newton, MJE (64.2%) Vice President Sarah Nichols, MJE (72%) Secretary Lori Oglesbee-Petter, CJE (56.2%) Certification Commission Kim Green, MJE (58.7%) Development/Curriculum Commission Tom Gayda, MJE (49%) Junior…
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JEA launches logo redesign efforts

As part of the plans for a new website and other updates to the JEA brand, the Board of Directors has initiated a process to create a new logo. For more information about the process, or to serve as a committee member, CLICK HERE. The call for members involves a quick online form and is…
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2011 board of directors candidate statements

JEA will conduct election for 15 board positions in February. The slate was announced at the JEA members’ meeting at the Kansas City convention. The candidate’s bios and statement of goals are below. In accordance with the JEA Board of Directors directive, the election will be online. Every JEA member will receive an official link…
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2009 board of directors elections

New board members elected Of the potential 2,175 potential voters, 616 people actually voted for a voter turnout of 28.3%. In the regional elections, Region 4 (south central), the largest region, also had the largest voter turnout without a voter turnout of about 30 percent. The Board members take office July 1. President Jack Kennedy…
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2007 board of directors elections

Only four of the elections were contested and all four included incumbents. Two of the incumbents were defeated while two remain on the board. Percentages indicate percent of votes cast in that election. Winners in the 2007 elections President • Jack Kennedy (Rock Canyon High School, Highlands Ranch, Colo.) (99.6%) Vice-President • Bob Bair (Blair…
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