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Write-off contest results, spring 2002 (Phoenix)

SUMMARY Total contests 49 Total entries 1534 Superiors 71 Excellents 146 Honorable Mentions 217   Newswriting Superior Ben Casad Auburn Riverside High School (Auburn, WA) Superior Jennifer Vest Blue Valley High School (Stilwell, KS) Superior Kim Cutler Monta Vista High School (Cupertino, CA) Excellent Callie Ashby Allen High School (Allen, TX) Excellent Joe Hinson Mountlake…
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Write-off contest results, Fall 2001 (Boston)

SUMMARY Total contests 44 Total entries 1236 Superiors 80 Excellents 145 Honorable Mentions 247   CONTEST CONTESTANT RATING SCHOOL CITY STATE Newswriting Jennifer White Superior Highland Park HS Dallas TX Newswriting Katie McPartland Superior Kapaun Mt. Carmel Wichita KS Newswriting Elena Sorokin Superior The Taft School Watertown CT Newswriting Willy Makoski Excellent Carmel HS Mundelein…
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Write-off contest results, Spring 2001 (San Francisco)

2,441 Entrants 75 Superiors 155 Excellents 322 Honorable mentions 552 Total Awards (23%) Newswriting Superior Catherine Fan, Lynbrook HS (San Jose, CA); Emily Griffeth, Glendale HS (Springfield, MO); Katie Knorovsky, Davenport Central HS (Davenport, IA); Julie Tung, Torrey Pines HS (San Diego, CA); Maya Yamazaki, Newport HS (Bellevue, WA) Excellent Elizabeth Bledsoe, Albuquerque HS (Albuquerque,…
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