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12 schools to receive First Amendment Press Freedom Award

A committee with representatives from the Journalism Education Association, National Scholastic Press Association and Quill and Scroll International Honor Society chose 12 winners for the 2019 First Amendment Press Freedom Award. The award recognizes public and private high schools that actively support, teach and protect First Amendment rights and responsibilities of students and teachers, with…
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Online submission materials for 2019 Anaheim Write-offs available

Online submission materials are made available for use in preparing entries for selected JEA Write-offs contests.  Each zip file contains contest instructions and all materials needed to complete your entry.  For full contest information, go to the main JEA Write-offs page. 09: Newspaper Layout 10: Newsmagazine Layout 16: Yearbook Layout Theme 17: Yearbook Layout…
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JEA honors Downes with Linda S. Puntney Teacher Inspiration Award

The Journalism Education Association is recognizing Mary Kay Downes, MJE, of Chantilly (Virginia) High School, as the Linda S. Puntney Teacher Inspiration Award recipient. Downes, who has been teaching and advising for more than 40 years, has been a role model in this field for many years, helping others improve as scholastic journalism advisers and…
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Georgia publications staff, Michigan adviser earn JEA Diversity Award

The Journalism Education Association has awarded Woodward Academy of College Park, Georgia, and Elizabeth Cyr of Gregory, Michigan, with its Diversity Award. The Diversity Award honors a scholastic journalism teacher, student, or group that demonstrates a commitment to cultural awareness and encourages a multicultural approach with the student media staff, production, or community. Elizabeth Cyr,…
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JEA selects Carabello as Future Administrator Scholarship recipient

The Journalism Education Association has awarded Zeb Carabello, CJE, of Rangeview High School, Aurora, Colorado, with the JEA Future Administrator Scholarship. Carabello began his career in the newsroom after earning his degree in journalism from Colorado State University. However, it didn’t take long for him to find his way to the classroom to impart his…
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