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JEA honors Kevin Patterson with Special Recognition Broadcast Adviser award

The Journalism Education Association has awarded Kevin Patterson, Oviedo High School (Oviedo, Florida), as a Special Recognition Broadcast Adviser recipient. Patterson, who participated in high school broadcast and then majored in Communications in college, quickly learned that producing quality news broadcast packages requires a clear set of skills. In college, Patterson had two significant experiences…
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2018 Carl Towley Winner

The Journalism Education Association has named Nancy Smith, MJE, Lafayette High School (Wildwood, Missouri), as its Carl Towley Award recipient. Smith, who has served scholastic journalism in a variety of ways, is most recognized for her years of service organizing, managing and improving JEA’s Write-off competitions. “The first words that come to mind when I…
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2018 Medal of Merit Recipients

Four individuals who have contributed significantly throughout their career will be recognized this fall in Chicago as Medal of Merit recipients.   The award recipients are Linda Barrington, MJE, Executive Director for KEMPA; Alyssa Boehringer, CJE, McKinney High School (Texas); Sandra Coyer, MJE, Puyallup High School (Washington); and Meghan Percival, MJE, McLean High School (Virginia).…
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2018 Rising Star Awards

This fall, 10 advisers will be honored with the Journalism Education Association Rising Star Award to recognize their commitment to scholastic journalism and advising. The individuals who will be recognized are Zeb Carabello, Rangeview High School (Colorado); Regina Claus, Castle Rock Middle School (Colorado); Courtney Hanks, University High School (Florida); Sarah Kirksey, CJE, Ladue Horton…
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2018 Administrator of the Year

The Journalism Education Association is pleased to announce Rachel Simpson (San Francisco, Calif.) as its 2018 Administrator of the Year. When Rachel Simpson began her tenure as Head of Convent of the Sacred Heart High School, adviser Tracy Anne Sena was “a bit nervous about initially asking [her] about whether or not she wanted to…
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